Beautiful Montana – Wildflowers

In anticipation of spring – which is hopefully right around the corner! – here are some pictures of beautiful Montana wildflowers.

Alpine White Marsh Marigold

Alpine Buttercup

Swamp Laurel

Indian Paintbrush

Jeffrey’s Shooting Star (really, some of the names are just as pretty as the flowers!)

Prince’s Pine

Calypso Orchid


Mission Bell (also called “Checker Lily”)

And my personal favorite (although it’s hard to pick a favorite among all the beautiful wildflowers that grow in Montana):

The Dogtooth Violet

Okay, after pulling all those out of the archive, I am now officially ready for spring to arrive. How about you?


3 Responses to “Beautiful Montana – Wildflowers”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh, they’re all so beautiful! Just what I needed as we wait for spring to arrive. I love the buttercups & I’ve always been a fan of Indian Paintbrush flowers. I love the thought of them being paintbrushes! The Mission Bell photo is also super cool!

  2. Looking Out The Window Says:

    I am so ready for spring. We had snow again twice this week and I am watching the snow line come down again today!

    • beatricekillam Says:


      Where are you at? We had some snow this morning, thankfully it has changed to rain. But after a few days of nice weather, this cold, rainy weather is entirely unwelcome. We moved here from New Jersey a little over a year ago and I have a love-hate relationship with Montana. Right now Montana’s in the doghouse 🙂

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