Joshua’s Four Year Photo Session

Joshua and I headed out on Saturday afternoon to take his four year portraits.

There was a whole string of bad luck going right back to my indecision about whether to do the pictures on Thursday or Friday. I decided on Friday, but…I got sick on Friday. Then on Saturday as we were driving toward town, we saw this big dark cloud hanging RIGHT over the part of town where we were going. But of course! The bad luck continued when we went to the grocery store to get balloons only to be told they were out of helium. I was about to turn around and go back home right then, but decided to try one more store. As we arrived, it started pouring. On the way over to the mill, it lessened and there were only a few raindrops. Not for long, though…It was rather windy and soon we heard thunder. Now Joshua is NOT a fan of thunder, so he wasn’t too happy. Not much later, it started pouring and we had to find shelter.

So…not the best circumstances for a session, but we made do.

And if you read through all that, now we’re ready for some actual pictures.

And because my children’s birthdays always make me feel nostalgic, here are a few from the past.

Newly hatched:

One year old:

Two years old:

Three years old:

Sigh…I can’t believe my baby boy is already four years old. How did that happen?

I love you Joshua – right up to the moon and back.


One Response to “Joshua’s Four Year Photo Session”

  1. Esther Says:

    I love all the birthday pictures !!! Isn’t my grandson the cutest boy in the world !!!
    Your Granny loves you very much !!!

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