Old Favorites…and new favorites

A little birdie told me this blog was getting stale so I figured I better put up a quick post…

This is a mix of some old favorites, taken of sweet Emma last October (my word, she’s changed a lot in the last 6 months!!) and some new favorites, recently taken of my new Iceland poppies.

As always, you can click on these to see them larger.

Some of these were processed with the ‘Summer Glow’ Preset from Pretty Presets. I think I’m in love…


3 Responses to “Old Favorites…and new favorites”

  1. katherinemarie Says:

    Really REALLY SWEET! Your daughter is an angel! They change and grow too fast, don’t they? I guess that is why I’m so fasicnated with photography… we can capture everything we want to remember as mamas. You’ll always be thankful you have these amazing memories. That flower hand band is TERRIFIC!

  2. beatricekillam Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, she is an angel, although she can also be a handful. I love photography for the same reason. When I look at older pictures of my children, I see all these moments and quirks and past things they liked to do and I know I’ll never forget. If it wasn’t for having the pictures, I know those memories would fade away in time.
    The flower band is real easy to make, I just got some of those elastic headbands at the store and sewed on a flower.

  3. Dizzy One Says:

    B E A utiful, as is the photographer and model. They do grow up very quickly before our eyes.

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