Adventures in Macro Photography

Ever since I got a full frame camera, I’ve been wanting to find some way to be able to get closer to some of my photography subjects – mainly of the wildflower kind. I got myself a set of magnifying filters today and you know I had to try them out.

I really like these filters! It will definitely take some practice since you have to use manual focus and the area where the picture will actually be in focus is extremely small. Some of these are not fully in focus but I like the effect anyway,  it gives the images a dreamlike quality.


3 Responses to “Adventures in Macro Photography”

  1. amyshertzerphotography Says:

    So cool! I’ll have to check out those filters!

  2. katherinemarie Says:

    the color in NUMBER SIX!!!! OH my beautiful. The ants make me shiver!! and those little curls— so lovely.

  3. Dizzy One Says:

    Great photos, they would look great on your Etsy site. As always a great eye for detail.

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