Emma – 23 Months

All too soon it was time for Emma’s next monthly portrait session. I know I said it last month, but I just can’t believe she’ll be two later this month!

She is easy-going most of the time, but when she gets going, she gets GOING. She goes through several meltdowns a day.

She’s also starting to talk a lot more, using lots of 2 word sentences and also repeating whole sentences at times (“Zip it up” was a good one…I wonder where she heard THAT one :))

She loves to make us laugh, she’s such a little entertainer.

She loves her ‘friends’. They always have to come upstairs with her when she gets up in the morning and after her nap – all three of them! (One is missing in the image below)

With that smile and those bright blue eyes, is it any wonder she’s got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger (well, to be honest, she has all of us wrapped around her little finger…)

And I just can’t resist adding a picture of her curls.

This image reminded me of an old favorite from March 2009, when Emma was only 7 months old:

Wow, how she’s changed…


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