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Autumn Splendor

September 26, 2010

This morning, we headed out to Bear Canyon for a little hike. Don’t let the fall leaves fool you – it felt decidedly more like summer! We’ve been gifted with very warm temperatures for the past couple of days and it is supposed to continue for several more – thank you Montana!! Of course, if it’s anything like last year, we’ll probably go from 80 degree temperatures to snow…

Here are my favorites from today:

I am completely in love with this one – there is something so otherwordly and dreamy about it…


Beautiful Montana – Beaver Ponds

June 25, 2010

Well, I guess this post should technically be titled “Beautiful Wyoming” since we were hiking in Yellowstone National Park. But we’ll call it close enough.

We hiked the Beaver Ponds trail last weekend and we had an absolutely gorgeous day for it. My four year old hiked all but probably 1/2 mile of the five mile trail. He definitely has the Killam hiking gene! 🙂

Rainy Spring Evening

June 7, 2010

A few nights ago, I was on my way to my son’s room to check on him when I caught the light outside out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed the camera and went outside where I was greeted by the most spectacular light. The sun was going down and it was raining. It wasn’t until I few minutes later that I discovered the double rainbow behind me.

I didn’t change a thing about the color in these pictures. It really WAS that bright and vibrant!

I’m so glad I went outside to capture this…


May 5, 2010

As promised, more pictures from our trip to Yellowstone. My brother was visiting from Switzerland and Yellowstone is definitely a must-see. We’re lucky to live so close to the park. The great thing is that every time you go, you always discover something new.

It’s hard to believe that it was MAY 2 when we went…one might have been fooled into thinking it was still winter!

Sheepeater Cliffs

And last but not least, the wildlife roundup. The wildlife was certainly on the road that day…literally!

Just one…

May 3, 2010

…from our trip to Yellowstone yesterday. More coming later this week.

Spring Has Sprung

April 24, 2010

The appearance of the one lone purple crocus in our front yard must mean that spring has arrived in Montana at last…

Happy Spring everyone!

Beautiful Montana – Wildflowers

March 23, 2010

In anticipation of spring – which is hopefully right around the corner! – here are some pictures of beautiful Montana wildflowers.

Alpine White Marsh Marigold

Alpine Buttercup

Swamp Laurel

Indian Paintbrush

Jeffrey’s Shooting Star (really, some of the names are just as pretty as the flowers!)

Prince’s Pine

Calypso Orchid


Mission Bell (also called “Checker Lily”)

And my personal favorite (although it’s hard to pick a favorite among all the beautiful wildflowers that grow in Montana):

The Dogtooth Violet

Okay, after pulling all those out of the archive, I am now officially ready for spring to arrive. How about you?

Beautiful Montana – Yellowstone

March 8, 2010

We took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday and made a trip to Yellowstone.

First up, Mammoth Hot Springs:

And then this…

…which lead to this…

I like to call this one “Yellowstone Traffic Jam” 🙂

And last but not least, a beautiful view:

And some tracks by the river:

Winter Favorites

February 23, 2010

Sharing some of my favorite images from this winter. Enjoy!

Beautiful Montana

February 19, 2010

There is so much beauty in this new home state of mine. I’ll be sharing some favorite images showing the small part of that beauty that I’ve been lucky enough to experience so far. I’m looking forward to exploring more of this great state. Montana isn’t called the Treasure State for nothing!